We specialize in authentic Bali retreats in nature with luxury trimmings. We want to share our sacred village culture with you. All our suites are unique, crafted in Bali style wood and bamboo. Every morning you’ll see a traditional Balinese flower blessing. We are especially proud of our sparkling clean stream fed by 11 fountain springs.

Our restaurant, Tebe Lesung, features a breathtaking view over the sacred stream and jungle. It can seat 100 guests served at individual tables or group buffet. We offer your preference of typical Balinese, Asian, or Western cuisine.

Our main pool can accommodate small functions such as poolside birthday parties, afternoon drinks, small gatherings, or an intimate meal. It is infused by gentle sounds of jungle birds, water fountains, and the sacred stream nearby. A small children’s pool adjoins.

Sarasvati Butterfly Farm: Observe the life cycle of the magnificent Bali giant butterfly, Kupu-Kupu. We assist each step in their development from caterpillar to the majestic beauty of 8-inch wingspan. The full-grown butterfly lives only 3 days within our protected canopy.

Taman Buddha, Wedding Venue: This magical garden is a new addition to our resort. The name means “Buddha Garden”, a sacred space where family and friends can celebrate a couple as they make their promises together.

Winayaka Yoga Retreat: Relax, breathe, and learn to know yourself deeper. Observe your mind in a calm morning yoga class overlooking the sacred waters. Named for Winayaka, the beloved Hindu God of wealth and spirituality, also called Ganesh.

Outdoor Cooking Class: Decide what to cook, get your ingredients at the local market accompanied by our staff, and let our chef show you how to make a traditional Balinese dish. Then enjoy your creation with gratitude for the gifts of nature.

Balinese Offering: Learn to prepare a traditional Canang Sari offering. Our staff will show you how to select the elements for your offering and their meaning. When you finish, we can walk to the temple and holy fountains to make the traditional blessing.

Blessing: Purify your mind, body and soul with peaceful magic in a Balinese spiritual ceremony with us. Begin by wearing a traditional Bali sarong. Meditate, and absorb the blessings of holy water in the sacred spring (Toya Magelung) by the resort.

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